Central American Foods and Cooking

Central American Foods and Cooking By Bispo Barbosa Modern Central American farmers-aided by the region’s fertile volcanic soil-still cultivate ancient crops and newer Spanish additions,producing a wealth of different foods.In Guatemala, important crops include corn,the spice cardamom, and valuable coffee beans. El Salvador foods, too, is home to crops of coffee, sugarcane, and corn, along … Read more

Salvadorans endure COVID-19 without running water to wash their hands.

Water Crissis in El Salvador

Years of corruption and mismanagement have left their mark. One of the most essential aspects of COVID-19 prevention is to regularly washing your hands; however, hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans are facing COVID-19 without reliable access to water. According to the United Nations, more than 600,000 people did not have access to any type of drinking water … Read more

Historic homicide reduction in El Salvador continues to spur debate in the country.

El Salvador Jail

Journalists believe the government held secret negotiations with gangs. After 15 months of governance, it seems that president Nayib Bukele — a 37-year-old politician who put an end to an old two-party system — is delivering on his promise to reduce El Salvador’s legacy of violence and homicides. Since he took office, El Salvador has had the lowest homicide rate … Read more